Month: February 2013

February light

It’s cold. But there is light again!  The wind is fierce and the small birds are eating, constantly. A few of them are exploring their special spring-vocalizations, perhaps for the first time. After months of darkness, the light is suddenly back. It dazzles and hurts, […]


Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

“Forward” is the theme of this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge. As a variation to my frequent images of tramways and cars, here is a prehistoric animal and an ever expanding, fancy hotel in Göteborg. To see lots of other contributors, visit this page and follow […]


Grannar/ Neighbours

Bostadshus rymmer skilda öden. Den lilla ettan mot gården och trerummaren med utsikt skapar olika livsbetingelser. Ändå ser jag henne lyfta koppen mot sin mun i samma ögonblick som jag ska dricka mitt kaffe, från huset på andra sidan. Apartment blocks contain various life-stories. The […]

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Ännu är jorden frusen/ Frozen soil

Kvarteret Grimman (Maria Prästgårdsgata/ Wollmar Yxkullsgatan) på Söder i Stockholm byter namn till kvarteret Tygeln. Här låg tidigare ett hus från 1960-talet med ungdomsbostäder. Kvarterets äldsta hus har sparats och är f n prydligt inpackat. Vem sydde den stora klänningen? Nya hyreshus ska växa när vårljuset tilltar. Men […]

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Skogskyrkogården/ The Woodland Cemetery

En promenad på Skogskyrkogården i södra Stockholm. Frånvaron av färger är nu total, vintern verkar oändlig. The Woodland Cemetery in the southern part of Stockholm is a Unesco World Heritage. “A cemetery that focuses on the process of mourning” It is a graveyard and a […]


Everyday colors

Today, the world outdoors looks washed-out and I allow myself to be inspired by the roses in my window. The necklace and the scarf from Turkey, and the mittens my friend made for me will add some color to my everyday-life. I remember the light over […]


WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

This week’s theme in the Weekly Photo Challenge is Unique. A gorgeous dress I saw on display, years ago. The most exclusive silk, brilliant color and a striking shape. It was really The Dress Of My Dreams. Unique! I couldn’t forget it. I had to […]