WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

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The moon had fallen down. A few people passed by silently – what could they really do about it? It seemed that no one wanted to get involved. A patrolling police car simply drove past, and a taxi, with its red tail lights, stayed for an eternity in the parking lot in front, while the driver sat motionless inside. He had no hair, his bald head glistened in the moonlight.

Just behind the moon a giant spaceship had landed. It was huge, it towered up a good bit above the highway. The vessel was beautifully illuminated, beaming of thousands of lights. But it looked abandoned. Nothing was moving and the silence was palpable. 

I roamed around for a while. The air was cold and there was going to be frost. As no one came, I finally walked away. It turned out to be a nice evening.

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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

9 thoughts on “WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination”

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    • Bilderna är tagna vid tre olika tillfällen under det senaste året. Den stora arenan växer fram (och får oss att bli mindre och mindre). Det är spännande att följa bygget.


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