Haga kyrkogata

Göteborg, spårbundet

This cozy street, Haga kyrkogata,  is very close to the beautiful building I posted the other day, and one of my favourites.  The University of Göteborg is located in the area. In this part of town there are lots of cafés and bars. Students are continously crossing the street with their takeaway-coffees, trying to avoid  the heavy trams frequently rumbling down the hill. 

Haga kyrkogata_web

Haga kyrkogata2_web

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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

8 thoughts on “Haga kyrkogata”

    • Thank you. Number one/four and five were taken in the afternoon a couple of days ago. I guess you could call it the blue hour, even though there is twilight all day at this time of year. ( The sun rises about 8.50 in the morning and goes down at 15:50.) The brown photos are from october.


  1. Great shots! All of them! cool effect in the last one, with the tram…
    I have no memory of the layout of the city, so I don’t know where it is. My family lived on Hisingen before I was born. Västanvindsgatan.


    • Thank you, Rebeka. So you almost happened to become a Gothenburger?Hisingen is a large island on the other side of the Göta river (that divides Göteborg into two parts). It’s more suburb-like.


    • I’m happy you like it. The trams are slow, but add some drama and noise – important for the street life of Göteborg. Oblique horizons also increase the drama.


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