WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

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Travelling by train is something I do frequently. The distance between Göteborg on the west coast and the capital Stockholm on the east coast is about 450 km. Depending on the type of train it takes between three and five hours. I prefer going fast.

The theme of this year’s first WP Weekly Photo Challenge is Resolved.New Year’s resolutions are foreign to me, but I would like to expand my professional activities this year, using my own material. Several ideas are waiting to be explored, in solitude and collaboration. And I do wish my personal speed was more like the train’s.

(These photos were all taken from the train, through the window.)

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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

7 thoughts on “WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved”

  1. Tågstationer i Sverige tillhör kanske inte de vackraste, men du lyckas få även spår och ledningar att verka tilltalande. När det gäller hastighet brukar jag tycka att man som vuxen kunde fått behålla något av den fart som småbarnen har. Eller hundarna. Å andra sidan är det ganska skönt att tvingas sakta ner.

    Lycka till med dina projekt!


    • Jo, jag är förtjust i spår, vägar och ledningar när jag fotar. De skapar rum och hållpunkter, märker ut riktningar. Det blir som att teckna i landskapet. Och tack för din lyckönskan, den behövs.


  2. You have some great shots here. I particularly like the one of the footbridge with the light passing through the glass. This looks like a lovely train journey.


    • Thank you, might war. It certainly was. I went by a double-decker-train for once, and the view from the top floor was truly amazing, as it was a beautiful day.
      I looked at your blog and read a few of your posts. Your frankness is almost shocking. I am very impressed by your strong spirit and your sense of black humour, and I wish your troubles shall fade away like a bad dream does in the morning!


      • Thank you for such a lovely and beautifully visual wish. I’m taking things a day at a time in the hope of that “one day”.
        A few other people have commented on the frankness of my writing. I guess it’s because I generally write for myself and so do not consider how others may experience my words. This whole blogging experience has been a learning curve as it’s the first time I am receiving feedback about my work: it’s certainly raised some interesting conversation points. But to me, Life is a lesson in wonder and I can’t help but marvel at each day’s experience and try to record it in my own words – even if those experiences hold shadow.


  3. Jag gillar verkligen ljuset i bilden bangård_web. Ser ut att vara morgon. Det är skönt att åka tåg i Sverige nu för tiden. Försökte också ta några genom tågfönstret med iPhone nu senast när jag var hemma…


    • Kul att du gillar den. Det var fantastiskt fint i verkligheten. Men med snabba bilder i farten genom ett fönster blir det knappast perfekt exponering – då försöker jag återskapa sensationen i photoshop istället.


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