The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: 2012to compress one year into only twelve photos. But this gallery contains fifteen. My year was long.

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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

6 thoughts on “The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: 2012”

    • Roligt att höra! Den med kvinnan på balkongen tycker jag själv mycket om, den är från en liten stad i mellansverige. Egentligen är människor det bästa motivet, men man kan inte visa upp andra utan deras medgivande, så det får bli avståndsbilder.


    • Thank you! Yes, the one with the woman on the balcony is one of my favorites, too. I just happened to see her standing there. A friday afternoon in a small town.


  1. These are some really beautiful photos! I love the tunnel perspective in Exploring, and the colors through the snow in Rejoicing.


    • I’m happy you enjoy my pictures, Moonlily. Photoshop is a good friend of mine – editing helps me accentuate what I see.


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