WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

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My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge of WordPress is nature’s own filigree-work. Frosty birch-trees outside the christmas-decorated window. The photo is from Stockholm, where winter normally is far more expressive than in Göteborg. The second picture, however, was taken two years ago in Nääs (30 kms east of Göteborg) on a very cold day.



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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

21 thoughts on “WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate”

    • Thank you. I like it too, and I was happy the day I visited that gorgeous landscape. But it’s so obviously beautiful – I think that makes it a bit less interesting. We’ve seen this kind of pictures so many times before, there is nothing ‘unique’ about it.


      • Hi ninano,
        that’s why I like this photo challenge. To see other parts of the world which are “unique” to others but “normal” to ourselves 😉
        Cheers Angela 🙂


        • You are right. That’s also why I published it – it’s more exotic to my visitors than to me. Just now I looked for the other photos I took that day, two years ago. And they are very nice. I shall try to make an Exotic Swedish Winter-gallery as soon as possible… you gave me the idea!
          / Nina


        • Hi Nina,
          you should do a swedish winter gallery.
          I am thinking anyway going on vacation to to Scandinavia during winter. I am not sure yet, as I am not skiing or doing any other wintersports 🙂
          Cheers Angela


    • Hello Bridgette, thank you. I just wrote to Angela that I will try to create a gallery with Swedish Winter-propaganda… 😉


  1. Utterly beautiful. The first one reminds me of my mum and her house at Christmas (unfortunately we don’t get the snow here), and the second one is like Narnia. So gorgeous it doesn’t seem real! x


    • Åh, tack! Bloggen har gett mig flera nya intressanta bekantskaper – inte minst du – och impulser, det har varit ett händelserikt år. Varje idé leder in på nya spår. Jag kommer att fortsätta läsa dina funderingar och om hundarna, och titta på dina vackra foton. God fortsättning!


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  3. vastlycurious.com says:

    The later is wonderful. What kind of camera do you have?


    • Thank you! For that picture I used a compact Nikon Coolpix (S8000). I changed it recently for a similar with more pixels, Coolpix S9500. It starts up very fast and is easy to operate. It is also small and discreet. I recommend it.


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