Kyrkan och kanalen/ the Fish Church


Fiskekyrkan vid Rosenlundskanalen. Feskekôrka, alltså. En vacker byggnad, men utan turisterna vet jag inte om den skulle fortleva. Kanske är jag orättvis – mina promenader sker oftast efter kontorstid, och då är platsen spöklikt övergiven.

“The Fish Church” – a former fishmarket i Göteborg, built in 1874, nowadays mainly a tourist attraction with restaurants, fish and seafood shops. The area around consists essentially of offices, and is spookily abandoned after six o’clock.

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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

7 thoughts on “Kyrkan och kanalen/ the Fish Church”

    • During summer, many people spend their lunchtime eating take-away-food on the stairs. A hundred years ago, the canal was very important for transport, and in old pictures you can see it crowded with fishing boats.


      • Thanks for the info!
        I like to discover the world also through photos and descriptions of blogs.
        I’ve never been to Sweden, but I think it’s a amazing country!
        Ciao, Teresa 🙂


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