Kuggen på Lindholmen/ The Cog


Kuggen, det nya röda huset på Lindholmen, är roligare på nära håll än på avstånd. Brutalt men inspirerande. (Arkitekt Gert Wingårdh.) Berätta gärna hur det ser ut på insidan, om du vet.

“The Cog”, a new red building on Campus Lindholmen, is more fun at close range than from a distance. Very brutal, but inspiring. (Architect Gert Wingårdh.)


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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

10 thoughts on “Kuggen på Lindholmen/ The Cog”

    • I’m glad you looked at these pictures, the post is one of my favourites. Your photos are very graphic and dramatic, I must say!


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    • Thank you – so do I. Actually, I used it as my Facebook-background until last week. The house is fascinating.


  2. “wild” architecture!
    I agree, the second image is the best picture – the others illustrate better what would have remained to imagine…
    …like your blog, even if I understand only half of what you are posting 😉


    • I’m fond of words and writing (in swedish), but my english is a bit limited, I’m afraid. Otherwise I would try to translate my posts. Some of them are categorized “english text” – that means you can at least find some sentences in english.


      • so sorry I cannot read/understand swedish – sometimes a bit imagine or better invent a meaning…
        but yes, would encourage you to continue in english (I do have to as well, since my mother tongue is swiss german)


        • OK, I’ll do my best… I listened to a very successful blogger today, and she said she had written everything in english from the very beginning – even though it wasn’t perfect. There had been very few complaints from her visitors.


        • right, unless you are a writer who carefully chooses words an positioning your visitors do not judge harshly. And you are a visual oriented person, aren’t you?


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