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From my point of view, this winter’s first snowfall started yesterday afternoon. Big, soft snow flakes suddenly filled the air and made the kids on the street laugh. Around midnight, when I returned home, all was quiet, cold and dreamlike.

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A block of flats

Nearly every day I pass by this monumental block of flats with its sharp balconies. I never noticed any life behind the curtains. The heavy architecture is a reminder of the 1970’s. The high-rise behind, completed in 1957, is an insurance company. It is still […]

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WP Photo Challenge: Converge

I went for an afternoon walk in the neighborhood. Weather was ice cold and foggy. (Because of the lack of contrast, most of my photos later turned out to be very dull.) The cemetery was quiet and abandoned, but surprisingly green in spite of the […]



On my way home from the city I always bike through this underpass. Tonight it looked more gloomy than usual, because of the fog. Earlier today, I almost ran over a scurrying rat that crossed the cycle path right in front of me. It’s not […]

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Monday night

Monday night, on my way home from the evening course. 35 minutes by bike and ice cold winds. Gloves and beanie was necessary. I caught a glimpse of some people in a restaurant with a view.  

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Working hard at night, I + II

Yesterday night I visited a cosy bar, where quite a few enthusiastic people had gathered to celebrate the release of a book. On stage were the author, the publisher and a journalist to discuss the process of research and writing. They agreed it was hard […]



Evenings are getting colder – and very black. No more nocturnal outdoor parties in the neighborhood. As I leave my evening course to go home the streets are empty, and darkness is immense. The WordPress Photo Challenge of this week is Nighttime.