Fellow blogger Mannalexandra in Singapore, nominated me for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award*

I accept, and I am honored, thank you! 

veryinspiringblogawardI hardly read books or newspapers anymore. I don’t watch television regularly. But I spend much time looking and reading on Internet. There are numerous blogs, an immense amount of human beings who – like myself – can spend hours and days to let unfamiliar others know what is important to us, as if Facebook wasn’t enough.

When I grew up I had 20+ penpals all over the world. Most of my pocket money were used for stamps. It was a thrill coming home from school, seeing letters from Indonesia, Ireland, Portugal, USA or France waiting for me. Beautiful airmail envelopes and stamps, thin foils of handwritten paper with news and confidences –  sometimes folded in incomprehensible ways.  

I learned about distant places, exchanged gifts and photos, dreamt about traveling. It was a very positive experience in all ways. I never met any of my penpals, but still consider our relations as very important.

Blogging is similar to that experience, although there is a major difference. It is public. I have NO idea who is the receiver of my posts. Is it my neighbor, on the other side of my living room wall? My old friend from work? A retired journalist in Australia,  a professional blogger in England or the woman I talk to when I go swimming? Only when someone writes a comment or pushes the like-button I get a hint of who my readers are. If some of those find my blog inspiring, I’ m really happy! So thank you,  Mannalexandra for nominating me.

nina2rak copyMy list of inspiring blogs/ nominees

Vardagsbubbel – Swedish illustrator Kati Mets writes something short worth considering every weekday. Often accompanied by her own pictures. In Swedish.
Throbbings of noon tide  Interesting topics, good photos. And fun!
The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things is an online collection and discussion of art, objects, ideas and history which are ridiculously interesting.
Sketches and Jottings. . . looks inside the journals, diaries, sketchbooks and notepads of artists, writers, travelers.
Draw and shoot Canadian professional photographer. Delicate pictures, mostly nature.
Yi-Ching Lin Waking up new. Poet/photographer/musician, living in New York.

Empire of lights Graphic photography from Germany.
A remark you made  French blog with simple, yet dramatic photos. 
Insanity at its best  Exotic architecture, recipes, ideas and stories from Dubai, Pakistan, Japan.
Johan Steller Photography  Photography, dramatic land- and cityscapes.
lagottocattleya Chronicles, reviews and short essays, photography and dogs. In Swedish and English.

*The rules for accepting the award are as follows Display the award logo, link back to the person who nominated you, state 7 things about yourself, nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

Photo: Markus Andersson